Here are some recent photos of Emma and Bryce. These days they are quite a handful: Emma is very busy, seldom content with just doing one thing for a while. First she wants to do finger painting. Then she wants to read books with one of us. Then she wants to do puzzles. Then she wants to eat a snack. It's enough to wear us out each day.

Meanwhile, Bryce has learned to crawl, and is always getting into the wrong things. I'm just curious: why do kids 7 months old prefer things like electric cords, remote controls, and his sister's toys (always inciting Emma), when we place perfectly benign toys in front of him. I don't know, maybe there's a market for toys that appear dangerous.

At night before bed, we can barely have them in the tub together anymore because Bryce is a wildman. We'll set him down on his bottom, but he'll quickly "jump" forward, doing a bellyflop halfway down the tub. Once on all fours, he'll splash and splash, and kick and kick. He also manages to crawl around the tub in a way hazardous to his health; he keeps banging his head against the walls. But he never screams, and completely loves the bath. It's just when Emma is in there with him that problems arise.