Emma said, "Wow. where do I begin? First my mom and dad gave me a whole bunch of new toys to play with so that I can continue to learn and discover new things everyday and keep me entertained. My favorite toy is Farmer Jed's Barn of Animals (see top middle column pic). You can see in the photo a yellow nest of hay where the chicken sits. In the middle lie the chick's eggs, hatched on one side, and unhatched on the flip side. The first thing I do in the morning is to ensure the unhatched side faces up. Then, I proceed to maul every farmer, animal, plow, and sack of oats in the barn, and finish off the destruction by flipping the whole barn on its head. It's quite amusing.

"One day, out of nowhere, there was a huge basket full of colorful plastic eggs in the middle of the room. And then mom dressed me in this fancy dress and hat (which I always promptly pull off). I got to knaw on the eggs, but couldn't ever crack them open. I think there were some surprises in the middle. Maybe one day I'll know what was in those eggs."

Finally, we got on a couple of airplanes to visit mommy's family in this desert place (Albequerque). Tons of people paid attention to me, and I loved it. I think there was a special occasion (Allison and Nate's wedding), because once again I had to wear a dress and stockings all day."