Emma said, "I most sincerely apologize for my delinquency in keeping my page up to date. Mommy and Daddy have tried their darndest to keep me away, but tonight I managed to sneak out of my crib and write this update while they watch a movie downstairs.

"So much has happened since May that I can only gloss over the best highlights. First, we moved from our apartment to this townhouse in Campbell. I love it because there's a lot more space to run around in, and the city park is just around the corner.

"Another highlight is, as you can tell, my literacy. Whenever I wake up and often several times throughout the day, I make Mommy or Daddy read me all of my books. I have quite a good attention span for a baby, and I'll sit quietly for long periods of time and absorb all of the stories. As a result, I recognize upwards of 20 different animals and can make their distinct sounds (ie 'hssss' for snakes and 'doodle doo' for roosters). My tongue still isn't coordinated all the way, so I can only say a handful of words, but I understand much more than they think.

"One cool place we went was to a ranch up in the Sierra Foothills called Apple Hill. It is a nice retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area, and it was an absolute gorgeous day up there. There is nothing like a good crisp autumn day up in the hills. We have some photos below of our trip there.

"As for these days, I'm obsessed with opening the Christmas Advent Calendar windows each day. We have 2; one with a felt Christmas tree, and each day the window reveals a new decoration to hang on the tree, and the other is a standard chocolate one you buy at the store. Personally I like the chocolate one, though I wish Daddy wouldn't take half the chocolate each time. He says I'm already too hyper; I retort I'll be more hyper if he doesn't give me the full piece."