Bryce said, "Hello all, my name is Bryce Daniel Griffin, and this is my first column. I was born just over a week ago, August 1, 2005 in San Jose, California. I weighed 7 lb, 11 oz, and was 19.5 inches long. I've known that this day was coming for a while. About a week prior to my birth, while I was still amphibeous, some wise guy tried to manhandle me and almost succeeded in dislodging me from my comfortable position inside Mama's stomach. I would have been completely turned around had they succeeded, so I pretended to act hurt to get them to stop. I still have the bruises on my face to remind everyone how traumatic that experience was, but it's mostly healed now.

"I'm a pretty healthy baby. I came out 2 weeks early, so I was a bit smaller than I would have been, but I still have spunk. My parents often comment how strong I am, and I'm pretty good at letting people know when I'm hungry or need to be changed. Which isn't to say I'm overly fussy like my older sister was (I hear my parents had to drive her around all night to keep her calm); I rather prefer being calm and spending my waking time observing the new sights and sounds around me.

"I've enjoyed having Grandma Everett around these past few days. She's very good at soothing me, and showing me how much she cares for me. I hope she can stick around for a while. My big sister Emma, who seems a little closer in height and weight to me, is also good to see. She loves to hold me and stick passy in my mouth."

Emma said, "Alot has been going on at our house in the past week. I now have a baby brother, Bryce. I am really good at taking care of him. I go and see him first thing in the morning and ask to 'hold baby bryce chair' and mom or dad help me to hold him in a chair. Whenever he cries, I help him by putting his passy in his mouth or by giving him a hug and a kiss or by holding his hand.

"In other news, I started a swim class with Dad a couple of weeks ago. I really look forward to putting on my bathing suit and going to swim in the pool each week. I even went all the way under the water last Saturday. I also got a new pair of shoes that light up when I walk. I call them my 'lights' and I have fun jumping around when I am wearing them and watching them light up.

"It is great having my Grandma here to play with me. I am having fun showing her my toys and books. I am excited for my birthday next week. I have been practicing singing the happy birthday song to get ready. I have fun making sand birthday cakes with sticks for candles. I like to blow out the candles and clap each time I sing the song. Mom and Dad tell me that I will be two years old. That sounds pretty big. "