Hawaii and Summer Fun

We've been able to do lots of fun things over the past few months. In early May, we spent a week with Mom and Dad at their Waihoai timeshare in Kauai. Obviously it was very enjoyable; we would usually go with the kids to the beach or the swimming pool in the morning, and then do some other activity in the afternoon. As you can see, Bryce especially enjoyed being "master of the buckets" -- he liked to transfer water from one bucket to the next, and sometimes mix in some sand. A couple of times, we took Emma out knee-deep in the water, and let her feed frozen peas to the fish.

Aside from Hawaii, we also enjoyed Stan and Virginia's visit later in May, and went with them to Chico to visit Stan's parents. They seem to be in very good health for their age. Emma enjoyed the company of Misty Rose (the dog), though she was disappointed the cat was too shy to come out.

Anyways, here are some new pics. Hope you enjoy them