Pumpkin Patch '07

Each year since Emma was born, we've made a point of enjoying the harvest season and doing things to celebrate our favorite time of year. Last year we visited Hudson with Stan and Virginia to enjoy the beautiful autumn season in Ohio. The 2 years before that we visited Apple Hill in the Sierras with my parents. I don't know how age has affected us in this way, but we both have come to really enjoy the fall season more than others. Maybe I didn't before because it represented the start of another long year of studying.

In any case, I'm not sure we're going to take a trip this year, but at least we made it to the pumpkin patch. There are several cool ones around here; this one had more than enough pumpkins to choose from, a cool train that went around the field, and an enormous prize pumpkin that weighs 1300 lbs.