We had a lot of fun with Jessica and Danilo's family at Disneyland recently. We were there between Labor Day and the following Thursday. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, which makes things nice, because they let you enter the park 30 minutes early, and you can take the monorail from just outside the hotel right into Tomorrowland.
  Although it was really hot the first day we were there, it cooled off over the next few days. Also, even though of course there were lots of people both days in the park, the lines never seemed to be too long. It didn't hurt to be going on mainly kiddy rides instead of rides like Space Mountain or Matterhorn. Although we did end up going on both Splash Mountain (which Emma hated because it soaked her Ariel dress), and Pirates of the Carribean several times. We also got to see the parade at the end of the day, with floats from all of their favorite Disney stories. All in all, 2 very good days. She also got to meet most of the Disney characters and get photos and signatures from them. Happy days!


August -- Month of Birthdays

We had lots of fun celebrating Bryce's and Emma's 2nd and 4th birthdays. Lots of cake and lots of ice cream. Presents, streamers, princesses, prices, monkeys, dragons, balloons. You name it, we probably had it. Emma's birthday went very well. Becky's castle cake stayed together fine (it was questionable the night before -- I think we got the wrong kind of frosting), and the kids had a blast.