Emma said, "I have become an active toddler. I enjoy Sunday's now because I get to go to the nursury and play with all the kids in the ward. I do very well there, and enjoy interacting with lots of other kids. When it isn't Sunday, I'm constantly trying to get Mommy or Daddy to take me to the park, where I have a set routine of things I do. First, we take our sand toys and go dig up buckets of sand, which I like to pour on my shirt. After I get bored with that, I go look for other kids, and say hi to them. Even though some of them are stand-offish, I still do my best to say hi to them and see what they are doing. As you can see, I very much enjoy motion-filled activities.

"Daddy has a new job at Amazon.com, so he isn't home quite so much these days (longer commute). Mommy reduced her work commitment, so I spend most of the week with her."