Emma had a grand time hunting for Easter eggs with some of her cousins in Sacramento. They ran all over the yard gathering the eggs and were just thrilled.

Emma continues to enjoy being read to and one of her new favorite activities is listening to stories on tape. Her favorites to listen to are of course the Disney princess stories. I was amazed when I overheard her a few days ago reciting portions of the book word for word. Emma also likes to sing and often favors us with rock a bye baby, hush little baby, part of your world (Ariel from Little Mermaid), Once upon a dream (from Sleeping Beauty), A dream is a wish your heart makes (from Cinderella), just to name a few. It is fun to watch her learn and to feel her excitement for all the new things she is discovering.

Peek a Boo Bryce! Peek a Boo is Bryce's favorite game. If we ever want to make Bryce laugh out loud we start a game of peek a boo. Bryce even puts things in front of his face and then pulls them away to play peek a boo with us. Emma enjoys joining in as well.

Bryce is such a social baby. He loves it when people smile at him and will reward them with huge grins in return. Many times during storytime at the library, or playing in one of Emma's classes, or in the foyer at Church, Bryce will just crawl over to someone else and crawl up on their lap to say hi. He moves his arm up and down like he is giving you five when he says hi.


Bryce is very much on the go these days, and quite pleased with his new found mobility. He is a social boy and very much wants to be around others and in the middle of any activity he can find. He especially likes any toy that Emma is playing with or book that she is reading. He has taken to following me around with his scooting crawl. I have to be very cafeful where I walk! I am amazed and often surprised at how quickly he can move. He has also sprouted two teeth!