In Utah we went on a hike to Stewart Falls, (pretty ambitious for the toddlers in our group, but we all made it there and back, despite some complaining) and enjoyed the beautiful falls. Emma wanted to put her feet in the water like many of her cousins were doing. She was surprised by how cold the water was. She would put her feet in for a few seconds, pull them out and then want to put them back in.

Peter, Leah, and kids have a gentle cat named White Socks. Emma was instantly in love with him. She would excitedly look for him and pet him. One afternoon she made a tea party for White Socks. He had a cup and a plate and Emma poured him his drink. He even stayed around after the party for a nap and Emma explained to me how she made a pillow for him out of a plate. Good old White Socks.

Emma, Hannah, and Sage playing on and around the swing together. They took turns swinging and pushing each other on the swing.

Emma only participated in this photo because we agreed to include White Socks.

We recently returned from our family reunion vacations to both Lake Tahoe and to Utah. Emma and Bryce met all 24 of their cousins (Everett and Griffin), many of their aunts and uncles, and both sets of their grandparents. It was wonderful to be able to spend time with so many family members. It was fun to watch Emma and Bryce interact with their cousins.

Emma fiercely wants to be independent sometimes. She was particularly frustrated with her dependence on either me or Craig in the pool. She had a breakthrough though when she was able to swim with her cousins Mirielle and Jasmine. Jasmine played motor boat with the two younger girls and they were just in heaven. Emma even ventured out breifly on her own in the big pool with swimmies on her arms.

Bryce unfortunately does not exercise the same caution as Emma, and as in most activites he engages in, entered the pool and splashed around with wild, unbridled energy. He sure did enjoy himself!

Whose afraid of the big bad wolf? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

We belong to an online book club of sorts that sends out a kit every month that has a book, stickers, cd, and some sort of activity. This past month the theme was nursery rhymes. Emma was thrilled to have the masks of the wolf and the pigs to use when she acts out the story of the three little pigs. She and Craig run around almost nightly playing out the story and changing parts repeatedly. Emma is very animated in her portrayal of the story. It is quite entertaining for the whole family.
Let's go fly a kite!

Emma is pretty pleased to be flying her Tigger kite all by herself. She runs across the field near our house happily with the kite flying behind her.


Emma baking cookies! We had fun making chocolate chip cookies during Bryce's nap today. Emma's favorite part of making cookies is licking the spoon and then going to check out her messy face in the mirror.


We are now making almost daily excursions to the
"yellow swing" park near our home. Emma loves to
play hide and seek at the park. She closes her eyes
and counts and then excitedely yells "ready or not
here I come!"She then looks around the park and
says "where couldthat mommy (or daddy) be?"
until she finds me or Craig. She also likes to ride
her bike along the path and to swing on the yellow

Bryce is now using anything and everything to pull
himself to standing. I feel like a human jungle gym.

These are a few pictures from our latest excursion to
the yellow swing park.


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